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e-Gorgias (Issue 13, December 2006)


Issue 13
December 2006
Reading Time: 15 minutes

Holidays are just around the corner and you can save on books with our Holiday and 5-Year anniversary sale. Hurry! The sale ends on December 31st and details can be found on our website. Want to give Gorgias books to loved ones but can't think of what to get? Now you can give them Gorgias Gift Certificates and still save: Pay $80 and get a $100 gift-certificate. Also, with any purchase, you will be entered to win a Gorgias Antique Solid Wood Bookshelf ($260 value). You can see the image on our homepage at From our family to yours, we wish you happy and joyous Holidays!

This special holiday issue is filled with interesting stories, gift recommendations from Gorgiasians and more… In brief:

  • Gorgias author David Gaunt kicked off his US tour with his first lecture in Belmont, MA, sponsored by NAASR. It was a noted success. He will be doing two more lectures/book signings in the next few days for his new book Massacres, Resistance, Protectors: Muslim-Christian Relations in Eastern Anatolia during World War I. They will be on December 9th at the Assyrian Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary, 644 Paramus Rd., Paramus, NJ at 8:00 PM; and at 4:00 PM on December 10th in The Mesopotamian Museum, 6301 N. Pulaski, Chicago, IL .Visit our homepage for more details on the lectures. We are planning more events in the coming months to the rest of US, Canada and even Europe. Stay tuned...
  • In February 2007, two outstanding graduate students will be awarded $500 worth of Gorgias Books through the Gorgias Book Grant. We are still accepting applications. The deadline to send in all materials is January 31, 2007. For more details, see the Book Grant Page or email us.
  • Last month because of AAR/SBL, our production went insane to launch two new series and we released about 37 new titles. We could not list them all last time, so a more complete list is included below.
  • This month's Gorgias Enthusiast is Celia Lottridge, writer and the grand-daughter of William Shedd, author of Islam and the Oriental Churches whose biography is featured in The Measure of a Man. Read the interesting anecdotes about the Shedd family who lived in the missionary compound with the Assyrians in Persia in the early 1900s. She also recommends books that have helped her in her research for her next novel. Scroll below to read our special Holiday Enthusiast column.


  • Recent Releases... A more complete list than last time
  • Coming Soon: Books that are to be released soon, as well as new additions to our catalog
  • Special Five-Year Anniversary and Holiday sale and gift recommendations
  • Enthusiast of the Month: Celia Baker Lottiridge
  • Conference reports for SBL/AAR and ASOR



The launch of the Gorgias Theological Library and Analecta Gorgiana was a success at AAR/SBL. If you have not already taken a look at these rare books, follow the links below. As always, the most up-to-date listing of our new books is on our website:

  • Analecta Gorgiana, a collection of long essays and short monographs which are consistently cited by modern scholars but previously difficult to find because of their original appearance in obscure publications. Carefully selected by a team of scholars based on their relevance to modern scholarship, these essays can now be fully utilized by scholars and proudly owned by libraries.
  • Gorgias Theological Library, which brings back to active circulation carefully selected rare classics that are essentials for the shelves of every theological library. The selections include tools for the scholars, but also general theological works of interest to the general reader.


Studies in Biblical and Patristic Criticism
By Driver, Cheyne and Sanday

ISBN 1-59333-465-6, Hardback, $350

Often cited but difficult to locate, the essays contained in this five volume set had a profound influence on the development of textual criticism and its acceptance in England. Dating from a period when textual criticism was still controversial, these essays have not lost their ability to stimulate academic debate on the wide variety of documents covered.

Thomas Allom's Constantinople and the Scenery of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor
By Mark Wilson

ISBN 1-59333-139-8, Hardback, $129

Allom traveled through Constantinople, Bursa, and the Aegean region making drawings. Allom’s scenic portraiture, paired with descriptive commentary by Robert Walsh, is a cultural, historical, and artistic treasure of great interest to contemporary travelers and readers.

Baptism and Christian Archaeology
By C. F. Rogers

ISBN 1-59333-474-5, Paperback, $34

Rogers examines what archaeology reveals for the early centuries of the church. From the period of persecution to that of the northern invasions, iconographic evidence for the performance of baptism is presented. Eastern and Western Church fonts are compared and evidence for baptism without a font is assessed. The question of immersion is considered.

The Text of the Canons of Ancyra
By R. B. Rackham

ISBN 1-59333-493-1, Paperback, $29

Rackham publishes here a critical edition of the Canons of the Council of Ancyra (314). In his comments on the text he evaluates the manuscripts available for this edition and provides the Syriac and Armenian Versions for comparative purposes.

Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures
By Ehud Ben Zvi

ISBN 1-59333-310-2, Hardback, $145

This volume incorporates all the articles and reviews published from 1996 to 2003 in the highly respected electronic “Journal of Hebrew Scriptures.” Boasting a list of recognized names in the field of Hebrew Bible studies, this publication includes dozens of articles and over one hundred book reviews.

The History of the Reformation in Sweden
By L. A. Anjou

ISBN 1-59333-483-4, Hardback, $78

In this study concerning an important period in Sweden’s history, Anjou delivers a detailed account of the Reformation in that country. Beginning with the state of the Catholic Church in Sweden prior to 1520, Anjou traces the history of the Swedish Church up through the Council of Upsala in 1593.

The Authorship and the Titles of the Psalms According to Early Jewish Authorities
By Ad Neubauer

ISBN 1-59333-495-8, Paperback, $29

Neubauer addresses the related issues of the authorship of the Psalms and the individual psalm titles according to the early Jewish authorities. Beginning with a survey of what is known about music usage in Israelite worship, Neubauer launches into a thorough examination of what the Rabbinic material preserves regarding these issues.

The Origin and Mutual Relation of the Synoptic Gospels
By F. H. Woods

ISBN 1-59333-496-6, Paperback, $24

The vexing question called the Synoptic Problem has long interested New Testament scholars. Woods weighs in on this question providing evidence for Mark’s priority based on the use of language in the Gospels.

Christianity and History
By Adolf Harnack

ISBN 1-59333-461-3, Hardback, $48

Harnack’s classic lecture on the relationship between history and Christianity has stood the test of time. Both the concepts of personality and history are closely examined. Harnack asserts that historical criticism causes no real damage to authentic Christianity.

A Tract of Plutarch on the Advantage to be Derived from One's Enemies
By Eberhard Nestle

ISBN 1-59333-484-2, Paperback, $29

This Syriac edition with English translation is the historic first printing of such an edition of the manuscript available to European scholars. The unusual nature of Syriac monks translating the work of the Greek heathen Plutarch give this document inherent historical value.

The Day and Year of Saint Polycarp’s Martyrdom
By C. H. Turner

ISBN 1-59333-497-4, Paperback, $29

Among the most important chronological questions of Christianity in the second century is the date of St. Polycarp’s martyrdom. Turner scours the evidence to determine a precise date, based on comparison between the Roman and Asiatic calendars and other historical references. This dating in turn helps to date Irenaeus and St. John.

The Beginnings of the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church in the United States
By Theodore Appel

ISBN 1-59333-460-5, Hardback, $48

In this painfully honest study, Appel describes the trials behind the early stages and the eventual success of the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church in the United States. The first theological school of the German Reformed Church in America, the Theological Seminary opened in 1825. Appel analyzes the circumstances from 1817-1832.

Style and Language in the Writings of Saint Cyprian
By E. W. Watson

ISBN 1-59333-491-5, Paperback, $34

A thorough analysis of St. Cyprian’s writing style and use of language, this study is invaluable for the student of the saint. Comparison with contemporary writers and careful attention to grammatical and linguistic elements mark this useful study of an important figure of early Christianity.

Evil as Explained in the Clementine and Lactantian Writings
By F. W. Bussell

ISBN 1-59333-490-7, Paperback, $29

This essay grapples with the question of theodicy as represented by the Ante-Nicene writers Lactantius and the writer of the Pseudo-Clementine literature. Bussell’s dialogue with these sources points to the role human responsibility plays in the origin of evil.

The Galatia of Saint Paul and the Galatic Territory of the Book of Acts
By W. M. Ramsay

ISBN 1-59333-488-5, Paperback, $24

Ramsay makes a strong case for the southern location of the Galatia mentioned in the New Testament. Using several streams of evidence, Ramsay makes a forceful case for the South-Galatian theory.


GOOD NEWS: Finally, after months of waiting, Gaunt and the two new titles by Brock are in US shores and should be available for shipping later this month. Therfore, they are not listed here, instead here are some new additions to the catalog:

Century Dictionary By William Dwight Whitney (ed)
The Century Dictionary and Cyclopaedia, edited by William Dwight Whitney and Benjamin E. Smith, comprises thirteen volumes, including over 500,000 defined terms, two volumes of concise encyclopedic entries, and a world atlas. The Century Dictionary contains full, accurate, and clear definitions, and its many supporting quotations are chosen to illustrate, where helpful, the typical uses of a word or sense. Whitney, who is still regarded as the greatest American linguist of his time, gathered together a remarkable staff of general and specialist editors, which included many luminaries of American scholarship to compile this beautiful dictionary.
ISBN 1-59333-375-7, Hardback, $1000

Catalogue of Syriac Printed Books and Related Literature in the British Museum By Cyril Moss
Moss’s catalogue represents the first effort of providing a thorough, printed database of the various materials that make up the British Museum’s Syriac corpus. The catalogue includes not only Syriac manuscripts, but also a listing of books and articles concerning them.
ISBN 1-59333-607-1, Hardback, $380

The Other Mathematics: Language and Logic in Egyptian and in General By Leo Depuydt
Since Boole, symbolic logic has supplanted Aristotelian logic. Claude Shannon first applied Boolean algebra to electronic circuits. In this investigation, several facets of ancient Egyptian and its parallels in other languages are reinterpreted from the point of view of modern logic.
ISBN 1-59333-369-2, Hardback, $88

The History, Poetry and Genealogy of the Yemen By Elise Crosby
The History, Poetry, and Genealogy of the Yemen, attributed to the South Arabian historian ?Abid b. Sharya al Jurhumi, is the earliest known Arabic history of pre-Islamic Yemen. This annotated translation and synopsis will be of interest to scholars of South Arabia.
ISBN 1-59333-394-3, Hardback, $78

The Great Treasure or Great Book, commonly called "The Book of Adam," the Mandaeans' work of highest authority By Julius Heinrich Petermann
The rare source of Mandaic doctrines, the Bible of the Nasoreans, this fascinating work has been largely unavailable until now. “The Treasures,” or Ginza, written in the Nasorean script and language, was published in 1867 by J. H. Petermann. Now with an English translation of the introduction, this scarce resource is at last affordable.
ISBN 1-59333-525-3, Hardback, $198

The Cosmic Covenant By Robert Murray
Murray’s study of the covenant theme begins with a chronological survey of the concept, beginning at the creation itself. He traces this theme through the Bible, noting its key components of justice and peace. The concept is a shared one between Judaism and Christianity, and Murray suggests that it continues to have ecological as well as spiritual relevance to the world today.
ISBN 1-59333-604-7, Hardback, $85

The Ancient Egyptians and the Origin of Civilization By G. Elliot Smith
This monograph, in its second, hard-to-locate edition, proposes a connection between prehistoric monumental European sites and those of the Pyramid Age in Egypt. Using ethnicity as a basis, Smith ties the ancient peoples of Egypt to those of Syria and discusses how Egyptian culture spread from its point of origin.
ISBN 1-59333-609-8, Hardback, $76

Eastern Crossroads. Essays on Medieval Christian Legacy By Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala
The chapters of this volume explore broad themes and also specific topics dealing with several aspects connected with the Eastern Christian Legacy. The volume illustrates the strength of the Christian cultural life through the Middle Ages under different socio-political situations, including the context of a predominately Islamic culture.
ISBN 1-59333-610-1, Hardback, $98

A History of the Babylonians and Assyrians By George Stephen Goodspeed
As an introduction to the ancient history of Iraq, Goodspeed’s book has stood the test of time. The reader is given a detailed rendition of the history of the Old Babylonian, Assyrian, and Neo-Babylonian Empires. Although out of print for many years, the book is consistently cited as a helpful introduction to the subject.
ISBN 1-59333-557-1, Hardback, $92



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Traditional Hymns for Christmas
By Archdiocesan Choral Society

ISBN 0-00000-014-X, CD, $26

The CD gives fourteen traditional Christmas songs in Syriac, performed by the Archdiocesan Choral Society of the Syriac Orthodox Church in the Eastern USA.

The Last Assyrians: A History of Aramaic-Speaking Christians
By R Alaux

ISBN 0-00000-006-X, DVD, $32

The Last Assyrians is a film on the survival of the Aramaic-speaking Christians (Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriacs). The U.S. edition contains the English version, while the European edition contains both the English and French versions.

Iraq After The Muslim Conquest
By Michael G Morony

ISBN 1-59333-315-3, Hardback, $95

Morony compares conditions in late Sasanian and early Islamic Iraq in the seventh century AD and depicts both the emergence of a local form of Islamic society, and the interaction of Muslim conquerors from Arabia with the native population.

Jewish Wisdom
By Gerd De Ley and David Potter

ISBN 1-59333-323-4, Paperback, $48

The Dictionary of Jewish Proverbs offers the reader a most comprehensive insight into the world of Jewish wisdom. It comes in the form of an A-Z Dictionary and represents probably the biggest single collection ever published, with a total of over 4,000 proverbs coming from sources from every corner of the globe.

The Asmar Syriac Peshitta Gospel Illuminated Lectionary
By Asmar Khoury

ISBN 90-5047-018-1, Hardback, $1195

The Asmar Illuminated Lectionary is indeed a masterpiece of art. Malphono Asmar Koury was one of the most prominent Syriac scribes and artists of the twentieth century. He produced this magnum opus using the most traditional calligraphic techniques which passed from scribe to scribe for generations. The volume, printed on heavy high-quality art paper and adorned with traditional Syriac art, contains the entire Peshitta Syriac lectionary.

The Syriac-Speaking People [Suryaniler]
By Melih Duygulu

ISBN 0-00000-030-X, Hardback w/ CD, $47

Referred to by many enthusiasts of the Syriac tradition as the best compilation of Syriac music, This limited supply 2 CD and booklet set is an excellent introduction to Syriac tradition, through the lenses of both religion and culture. The first CD is a highlight of the rich liturgical hymns while the second CD gives a rich taste of popular folk music of this ancient tradition.



William A. Shedd with his second wife Louise Wilbur Shedd and his four daughters, the youngest one is Louise (Celia's mother).

December enthusiast of the month is Celia Lottridge, author of several children’s books and the grand-daughter of William Shedd, whose book regarding his missionary work with the Assyrians, Islam and the Oriental Churches, and whose biography (written by his third wife Mary Lewis Shedd) The Measure of a Man, are available through Gorgias Press. Last spring, Celia came across our books while searching for material about Assyrians of Persia for a book she is working on and was impressed with our collection. She recieved a pleasant surprise upon discovery that her grandfather’s book was reprinted by Gorgias. We asked Celia to recount her mother's childhood experiences in Persia, talk about her grandfather and her new book. Here is what she had to say:

My grandfather spent his whole life in Persia, except for a few years when he attended high school and university in America. He returned to Persia as a missionary and there all of his children were born.


I was especially happy to tell my mother, Louise Shedd Barker, his fourth daughter, about my discoveries of the new publication of these books. She was born in Urmia in 1906 and we celebrated her one-hundredth birthday this past September. Her memories of her childhood in Urmia and of the Assyrian people who were so important to her family are very clear even though her father took her and her next-older sister to America in 1915 after their mother, Louise Wilbur Shedd, died of typhus during the tragic times of the massacres. William Shedd returned to Persia the next year and died in 1918 during the terrible flight of the Assyrians due to the violence in their homeland at the end of the war.

My mother has never returned to Urmia but she kept her memories of Persia alive by telling me, my brother, and sister stories about her childhood in the mission compound. She remembers playing on the roof of the house and watching people come into the mission on donkeys, horses, and on foot. She remembers playing a game with stones, very much like jacks and she remembers going to a wonderful harvest feast in a watchtower in a vineyard.

In fact, many of her memories have to do with food: how lawash was baked in an oven dug into the ground, going into the umbar under the house and eating raisins that were half dried on vines hanging on the walls, how tea was made using a samovar and, most of all, how delicious the fruit was. I grew up eating rice pilaf, dolma, mesta and, always, lamb for feast days.

I write books for children and am now working on a novel based on the experiences of my Aunt Susan Shedd, my mother’s oldest sister. She was the director of an orphanage for Assyrian children in Hamadan from the autumn of 1922 until a year later when she went with the children on a walking journey from Hamadan to Tabriz. It was quite a risky enterprise and Susan worked with the children before they set out so that they would be able to make this long trek. All of the children reached Tabriz safely and from there Susan was then able to find relatives of most of the children so that they could return, if not to the villages they came from, to other places in the region.

Some books published by Gorgias Press, especially The Assyrians and Their Nieghybours by W.A. Wigram and About Persia and Its People by Joseph Knanishu, have given me good background information about the Assyrians and their terrible experiences during and after World War I. I also enjoyed Missionary Life in the Middle East by Fredrick Coan, a missionary my mother remembers.

However, aside from information about the Baquba Refugee Camp north of Baghdad, family letters about Susan’s work, and some newspaper accounts I have found nothing about the experiences of the orphans who survived the war, only to be left in refugee camps for several years before they could find a home of any kind. I would especially like to find out more about the orphanages at Hamadan and Kermanshah run by the Near East Relief. Any personal accounts of children’s experiences in the orphanages, on the trek from Hamadan to Tabriz or after returning to Urmia would also be of tremendous help. If anybody could help me at all with my search I would be very grateful. I can be contacted by e-mail at

I’m already grateful to Gorgias Press for their interest in my grandfather and other missionaries who wrote about Persia and for broadening my understanding of the origins and history of the Assyrian people and the Assyrian Church.

Celia Barker Lottridge received her BA in history from Stanford University and a Masters of Library Science from Columbia University. She worked as a children’s librarian and elementary school librarian in Brooklyn, San Diego and Providence, Rhode Island before moving to Canada. She has a B of Ed from the University of Toronto and has lived in Toronto for many years. She is the author of many books for children including Stories from Adam and Eve to Ezekiel, illustrated by Gary Clement (Groundwood Books, Toronto) and is a storyteller performing in schools and at festivals across Canada.

Louise Shedd Baker with her children at her 100th birthday. Celia Lottridge (backrow, middle).


Islam and the Oriental Churches, Their Historical Relations
By W A Shedd

ISBN 1-931956-75-8, Paperback, $48

One of the first publications to tackle this subject, this book was widely read and used as a reference. The lectures cover the influence of Christianity on Islam, the relation of Christianity to Islamic theology, the expansion of Islam, the downfall of Christianity, and a look towards the future.

The Measure of a Man: The Life of William Ambrose Shedd, Missionary to Persia
By Mary Lewis Shedd

ISBN 1-59333-412-5, Hardback, $68

This book gives the biography of William Ambrose Shedd (1876-1918), written by Mary Lewis Shedd, the wife of his last years. W. A. Shedd was an American Protestant missionary who was born in Urmia, Iran, and spent most of his life there among the Assyrian Christians of northwestern Iran. He received his education in Princeton.

The Assyrians and Their Neighbours
By W A Wigram

ISBN 1-931956-11-1, Hardback, $58

Rev. Wigram spent much of his clerical career working with the Church of the East, and for years after WWI, he spoke to English readers on behalf of the modern Assyrian people about their claims to a just settlement. This book is his last book on the subject.

About Persia and Its People
By Joseph Knanishu

ISBN 0-9713097-3-6, Paperback, $46

A nineteenth century immigrant from Persia narrates tales about the 'manners, customs, and peculiarities' of his people. He depicts Persian social life, talks of the Shah and his court, and tells legends and tales from Persian history and literature.

Missionary Life in the Middle East
By Frederick Coan

ISBN 1-59333-404-4, Hardback, $78

This work depicts the life of the missionary in the Middle East during the nineteenth century. The book begins with a history of Persia and its topography and character. Then the author gives a travelogue of his journeys in the Middle East, describing all aspects of daily life. The modern Assyrians and Kurds get a prominent place in the book. The author describes places in modern Iran, Iraq and Turkey.


Gorgias Press at Conferences

SBL/AAR is finally over, however, it was nice to greet our authors as well as friends and enthusiasts.

American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) Annual Meeting
November 15-18, 2006 Capital Hilton, Washington D.C.

The American Schools of Oriental Research annual meeting was held in Washington, DC this November. Gorgias Press was present with a booth and a presentation by George Kiraz, our president. Among the many archaeologists present, Gorgias’s reprint of Layard’s Monuments of Nineveh made a big impression. Many envious eyes looked it over. Other popular items were Rachel Hallote’s Bible, Map and Spade, Sara Karz Reid’s The Small Temple, and Leigh-Ann Bedal’s The Petra Pool Complex. Dr. Hallote stopped by the Gorgias table on several occasions, and many participants with connections to Gorgias authors came along to admire their colleagues’ books.

American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature (AAR/SBL) Annual Meeting, held on November 18-21, 2006 in Washington, D.C.

Gorgias Press made a fine showing at the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in Washington, DC in November. The press was represented by our new editors: Steve Wiggins and Robert Moorehouse, as well as George and Christine Kiraz. It was clear that curiosity about Gorgias Press is building within the academic community as both students and established scholars began to realize that hard-to-find items could often be located at the Gorgias booth.

At the booth we were pleased to host several of our authors and editors including Iain Torrance, Edwin Yamauchi, Jorunn Buckley, Ehud Ben Zvi, Alan Lenzi, Aaron Rubin, Paul Russell, David Fiensy, and Sr. Lois Farag (forthcoming), as well as many other friends of Gorgias Press. Groundwork was laid for the launching of two new series: Gorgias Ugaritic Studies and a series on rulers in the ancient world. The Gorgias Theological Library and Analecta Gorgiana series were unveiled at the conference, and the Osburn Festschrift was in demand. The Gorgias Press limited edition reproduction of Layard’s Monuments of Nineveh inspired considerable comment and even spawned minor traffic jams! Our Gorgias Dissertations series titles continued to sell well, and sales were brisk for the Gorgias Handbooks titles by Sebastian Brock and John Healey.

Conferences like AAR/SBL are important for showing the university crowd what we can do, but word of mouth (or email) among our faithful customers will ensure the success of our passion of bringing to the public topics underrepresented in the publishing world. Gorgias Press has much to offer the academic and ecclesiastical communities interested in the history of the traditions that make up the Middle East. Where else can scholars find books on Sumerian, Ugaritic, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Syriac as well as studies in nineteenth and twentieth century Arabia, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey?

The Monuments of Nineveh
By Austen Henry Layard

ISBN 1-59333-068-5, Cloth Limited Edition, $780

This is the companion to Nineveh and Its Remains. This large (11x17), handsome volume, carefully reproduced from the original edition of 1849-53, and bound in deluxe cloth, contains 170 drawings made by Layard of sculptures, bas-reliefs, and other objects discovered by him among the ruins of Nineveh.

Transmission and Reception: New Testament Text-Critical and Exegetical Studies
By J.W. Childers and D.C. Parker

ISBN 1-59333-367-6, Hardback, $76

Exploring various topics pertaining to the transmission and reception of the New Testament, this volume presents sixteen new studies that bear important implications for textual criticism, New Testament interpretation, and understanding the formative impact of the New Testament text on Early Christianity.

Leshono Suryoyo: First Studies in Syriac
By John Healey

ISBN 1-59333-190-8, Hardback w/ CD, $65

Leshono Suryoyo is an introductory grammar for students of Classical Syriac. Designed for students with no prior knowledge of Semitic languages, the book contains full grammatical explanations in simple language, as well as readings from Syriac authors.

Bible, Map and Spade
By Rachel Hallote

ISBN 1-59333-347-1, Hardback, $76

This volume resurrects the forgotten history of early American involvement in biblical archaeology. Frederick Jones Bliss, an American from a prominent missionary family, is central to the story, as Bliss was the first of any nationality to scientifically excavate the tells of Palestine.

Simple and Bold: Ephrem’s Art of Symbolic Thought
By Kees den Biesen

ISBN 1-59333-397-8, Hardback, $78

This study explores the literary, intellectual, and theological mechanisms at work in the writings of Ephrem the Syrian, with the specific aim of identifying the exact nature of Ephrem’s “symbolic thought” and evaluating its overall contemporary relevance.


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